19. Januar 2020

St. Nicholas Day in our class

Hey everyone, this blog is about St. Nicholas Day. St. Nicholas Day is a holiday on the 6th of December about the bishop St. Nicholas. Every year on St. Nicholas, Mrs. Stroff, an angel and St. Nicholas come to our classroom. The students and the teachers can buy a chocolate Nicholas a few weeks before St. Nicholas day. On St. Nicholas day, St. Nicholas and the angel pass out the chocolate. (Sheila & Shamim)
So, let’s start!

Firstly, Mrs. Stroff and three students came to our class. They were dressed as St. Nicholas, an angel and a reindeer. They said hello and then they asked they boys, who of them had been in the detention room more than two times. The students who were there more than two times had to come to the front. (Franzi) The boys had to do punishment squats or push-ups.
The girls had to do punishment squats, dance or sing. (Shanya) Me and two other students had to sing Christmas songs and it was a little bit embarrassing for us. After that the angel passed out chocolate. St. Nicholas passed out chocolate St. Nicholas’s, but if you wanted a chocolate St. Nicholas you had to buy it a few weeks before. (Melissa)
At the end they said goodbye and went to the 9th grade. (Sheila, Shamim)

St. Nicholas was a nice day. The girls sang songs and the boys did push-ups and we got free chocolate. (Jordan, Marc, Felix)
I liked it, it was cool but also funny. I liked that we got chocolate. (Franzi)
I didn’t like it because I had to do some push-ups. But it was a funny day. (Djardjo)
It was a fun day, because we sang songs and at the end we got chocolate. I liked the St. Nicholas day. I hope next St. Nicholas day it is going to be longer because it was too short. (Zulikan & Viet-My)
I like the event in our school, all students and teachers are happy. Do you also have an event like this at your school? My class likes the event. (Shanya)
This was it with our blog post!

Shanya, Franzi, Djardjo, Melissa, Viet-My, Zulikan, Sheila, Shamim, Marc, Jordan, Felix.

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